Corporate Social Investment

Aucor Social Investment strategy is premised on the notion of sustainability.

Our vision is to help people to help themselves, to ensure real empowerment which is also sustainable just as we strive for sustainability in business.

We assist qualifying and deserving instances to advance the cause of social justice.

The social investment approach of Aucor is reflected in the following projects:

We participated in the Soweto Greening Project in a ground breaking initiative that was appropriately called Eco-Auctioneering.
We conduct several auctions on behalf of accredited Charities on an ongoing basis free of commission.
We donate to worthy causes to alleviate social strife.
Our plan is to conduct auction training to empower new entrants. There is a void to be filled through education of buyers and sellers at the lower echelons.
We will constantly investigate innovative solutions to empower others.
We do research and make proposals to build capacity in the public sector.

Aucor is committed to continue to explore ways of elevating social investment, and ultimately reflect a focus on well defined and scoped socio-economic development programmes.