Planning & Consulting

Aucor recognises that many clients including financial institutions, liquidators and corporate clients require support in the management of the asset recovery process. Our staff are available to share their expertise throughout the process. Each consultation is done on an individual, project-based basis.

Whether the result is asset restructuring, asset re-financing, asset rationalisation, gear-up or divisional closure, Aucor will make professional and realistic market based suggestions.

By analysing alternatives based on historic similarities, we are able to advise the most advantageous re-positioning for clients. This may be achieved through auction, private negotiation, tender or out-of hand liquidation.

Auctions are conducted both in the form of land-based and online transactions. We hold regular public auctions, boardroom auctions, private auctions, charity auctions, portfolio auctions and site auctions. Our public auctions incorporate both telephonic and proxy bids, while our boardroom auctions often occur out of the need to award a tender.

Our charity auctions are conducted extensively nationwide. On certain occasions, we may make use of the Aucor-pioneered “Anglo-American” auction, where we collect all bids, as opposed to just the highest one, for worthy charitable causes.

Our portfolio auctions, used predominantly in our property sector, provide greater convenience for both the buyer and seller. Our site auctions prove worthwhile for a number of different assets, including farms, mines and loose assets.

A couple of factors making Aucor the authority in the industry are:

We are at the bleeding edge of technology (most other auctioneering companies are now running off our original auction software)
We are the 1st land-based auction house to run online auctions, today we are the only land-based auctioneer in South Africa that operates online auctions
We have 16 fully-operating auction sectors, giving us wider scope and reach than any other South African auction house

Private negotiation is well suited for a myriad of assets, including highly specialised equipment, intellectual property, and complete businesses. Clients wishing to dispose of assets in an open market environment may make use of this method, through which a confidential sale to genuine buyers is guaranteed.

Out-of-Hand Liquidation is used when assets are sold to the public at a predetermined price, much like a retail set-up.

Tenders put the seller in a position where they are not obliged to sell to the highest bidder. Aucor manages the tender process and advises the seller on who to award the tender to.

Guaranteed Realisation

Aucor understands that certain clients require reassurance that their asset will not be undersold. We have the financial strength to back up our assessments of any moveable asset with a guarantee.

Should your company require a minimum return figure on the sale of your assets, or should you simply require peace of mind that your asset’s worth will be realised, we have the capacity to furnish a written guarantee as to the value we will achieve for your assets.

To this end, at Aucor we are prepared to structure our fee on the basis of high-risk high-reward.