Online Auctions

About Aucor Live Online Auctions
Aucor Online Auctions are powered by is the global leader in webcast and timed auction bidding. Using the latest cloud based technology, the system broadcasts traditional, live auctions via the internet, directly to any web connected device (tablets or computers)

Bidders can browse comprehensive, media rich catalogues, view images and videos and then place bids over the internet in real time with live audio and video feeds delivering an authentic auction room atmosphere - all from the comfort of their home or office.

Aucor is now offering this service to their bidders. Nothing changes at the auction event, except that the auctioneer will now call out online bids, along with room bids.

Some Aucor auctions will now be available only online as timed auctions, these changes will be communicated per auction.

What type of auctions does Aucor Live Online host?
The site hosts two types of auctions:
• Live webcasts: these are traditional sales conducted by an auctioneer that take place at an auction venue. The live webcast allows the online bidder to participate in the auction in real time. Lots appear on your screen as they are offered in the sale. Your bids are instantly relayed to the auctioneer.
• Timed auctions: these are online only auctions. Bids are placed over a defined time period. The highest bidder at the end of the bidding period is successful.

How do I know which auctions are available for online bidding?
Online auctions are marked by one of 2 icons
• Live webcasts: a radio signal
• Timed: a clock

How do I participate in Aucor’s online auctions?
If you wish to bid, you need to register.
• If you are already a registered user, log in and click through to the Auction sign up page. Confirm your details and agree to the terms and conditions.
• If you have not yet registered, click here.

Do I need to sign up for each auction?
Yes, you need to sign up for each Auction. Terms and conditions for each auction vary. Take special note of the 'Important Sale Information' section in the Auction catalogue. All registrations are approved manually per auction and we require Fica rules to be met as well as a deposit to be paid per auction.

How do I bid at a live webcast auction?
• Bidding during the auction:
o When the auction is about to start, the Sign-up button for the auction changes to a Bid button. Clicking this button opens the bidding window. Re-enter your password and you are ready to bid. If there is an audio link, click Listen Live to hear the auctioneer. If there is a video link, click watch video to see the auction live.
o When the auction is about to commence, the first lot is displayed. A button appears showing the amount currently being asked. To bid for the lot simply click the Bid button. If you are the successful bidder, the auctioneer will contact you to arrange payment and shipping.

• Bidding before the auction: If you cannot be online while the auction is taking place, some auctioneers allow you to place an Auto bid from the lot details page. The Auto bid is the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the lot. Your bid is executed during the auction. You are bid up to only as much as necessary to make sure that you meet the reserve price or that you remain in the lead. Your bid will not be higher than the amount you enter in your Auto bid.

How do I bid at a timed auction?
Each lot can be bid on for a defined time period. During this period, you can place your bid at any time. If you have the leading bid and you have met or exceeded the reserve price when the defined time period ends, you will have won the bidding for this lot. If a bid is placed in the last 10 minutes of the defined time period, the time period will be extended by 10 minutes. This is to prevent 'sniping'.

For further assistance with online bidding or using the system, email